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The game has evolved



Get data from videos of games, competitive scenarios, and drills


Provide clear takeaways, player ratings, and player comparisons


Stats don’t tell the entire story, so we measure skills and decision making 

EnHANCE your scouting

  • Coaches get verified ratings, player comparisons, and projections.
  • Go beyond game stats and the hype machine. Understand a players skillset, track their development over time, and compare them to current pros and college players.
  • We use terms that you understand and metrics you get. This is not an engineering experiment. Boost was built by coaches for coaches.

The evolution of moneyball

The game has evolved. It was once a game of Twin Towers. Size over everything at every position. Then the game trended toward small ball. Golden State was a big part of that change. In the next decade, the game will be centered around skill ball. The way that the game is evaluated must evolve.

  • Shot Creating
  • Decision Making
  • Shot Making
  • Athleticism

You have your eyes, but now you’re looking at an ability to use numbers to enhance your process and see the whole picture. You also gain a benefit as a prospect to be able to really tell the story of who you are and what is underneath the surface and behind the stats.

Kerry Keating |Rockets, Santa Clara, UCLA

The biggest challenge for my families and for my coaches is getting our players adequate exposure. So many recruiters focus on tournaments with the biggest sponsors. Boost can give athletes all over the country equal exposure to recruiters, so they can take their game to the next level.

Dele Sobomehin | CEO of Team Esface Academy

A tool like Boost can give you a massive edge. Points, rebounds, assists, steals–they don’t tell the story. The game has changed, so our process to evaluate must change with it. Evaluating players in 2019 is harder than ever, and as a coach we need to bring clarity to our process.

Ross McMains | Knicks, NZ National Team, Warriors (G League)

Measure skills & Kill the politics

Boost helps you get better, get exposure, and breakthrough the politics of a multi-billion dollar recruiting industry. We get millions of data points from videos of games, drills, and competitive scenarios. You get a realistic snapshot of how you stack up against players like you and against the pros. Coaches and scouts use Boost to discover athletes based on our data. Currently, Boost is for select events. Subscribe below and we will let you know when you can upload your own videos.

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