When the stakes are high

supercharge your process and win back your time

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Validate what you see, challenge what you assume, and be even more confident in your decisions. You have your eyes, but now you can enhance your process and see the whole picture.

Get AI Insights

Uncover trends, threats, and opportunities hidden beneath the surface so you can do what you do best: make a decision and execute. Find the diamond in the rough.
Set & Track Goals
Automatically track goals by season, lineup, period, game type, opponent ranking, and more. Customize what metrics you track and how they’re broken down. Compare them to your conference or the entire league.
Custom Reports
Automated, hyper-specific, and shareable reports focus on two questions: what did we do today and are we getting better? Always up to date game and progress reports for player development and evaluating transfers.
Data, explained
We translate complex data into basketball language. That means we run millions of data points through our machine learning algorithms and turn them into text reports and charts. Just like a coach would do it.